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Detective agencies in chennai

Legal and litigation checks

007 Detectives, Private Investigator -  is responsible for handling all investigations involving threats to persons or property, criminal investigations, high risk surveillance operations, undercover investigations, security consultation, counterfeit and piracy investigations, as well as any other investigation requiring a special team dedicated to handling those situations classified as exceeding the requirements of 'general' investigative activity.

When a legal action is instigated that will, if won, provide the applicant with financial benefits, we can assist you by investigating the defendant to establish if they have the means to supply the potential amount. There are several ways in which this can be done and many degrees of investigation that can be applied. We can check into the assets held by the defendant to establish their worth and location (for the purposes of tracking them if needs be), together with any form income and expenditure.

All of the information is then collated into report form and passed to you.

Reports such as these can prove to be very cost-effectives since they can prevent all of the initial legal expenditure being incurred when the defendant does not have adequate means, or alternatively allows legal advisors to judge the required amount prior to making a formal application.

Asset and Property investigation

Pre-house purchase checks: Moving to a new area? Not sure about the location? Let us carry out detailed property appraisals before exchange of contracts. We will ask all the awkward questions for you, assessing the area for its pro's and con's so that you don't become embarrassed later on by discoveries made too late. Avoid the neighbours from hell!

We can locate the assets of individuals or business around the India, even if there are hidden in the India’s most secure domiciles. we can find the required details and provide a report outlining their location and value. Both liquid and physical assets can be found and an overall picture can be built up of the targets wealth and standing. 

Legal Advices
If you need legal advice, a help of a lawyer, then write us the matter of your problem and we will try to help yo

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