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Detective agencies in chennai

Electronic & Technical Investigations

The digital world is evolving at a fantastic rate. If you need the latest electronic surveillance equipment, we can provide up to date flexible solutions. We can supply a range of devices that cover all types of situation. From covert telephone and room monitors to pens and wristwatches that are actually bugs; recording briefcase to mobile telephones that transmit sound and vision to a monitoring station – these are just of the items that available. They can be obtained at short notice and can be customized to your specification.

Similarly we provide a range of countermeasures of equality high quality. With eavesdropping and electronic espionage now becoming commonplace in the home and office, we can also offer full sweeping and debugging services-whereby one of our engineers will search your premises, telephone lines or any other specified items for bugs, transmitting devices or interception equipment using specialized scanning equipment. If any such items are located, our engineers can remove them securely

  • Diversion of sales and purchases
  • Duplicity of competitive representations
  • Commercial Network
  • Special Investigations for Auditors
  • Computer Fraud
  • Industrial counterespionage
  • Infiltration
  • Document Research Library
  • Urban Leasing
  • Subleasing
  • Cession and transfers without consent
  • Manufacturing systems and sales trees
  • Electronic protection against phone tapping
  • Computer processing
  • Market and Product Control
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Data transfer checks
  • Internet miss using
  • Email hacking
  • Spam mail checks
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