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Fraud Investigation

The Director has formed a separate division devoted to actively pursuing and exposing the rampant filing of fraudulent insurance claims. We have worked extensively with private insurance companies identifying different types of automobile, medical, property

Fraud can be defined as dishonesty with the intent to secure that to which you are not entitled.

Some examples of fraud are:

  • theft/stealing
  • altering records
  • misrepresentation
  • acts of omission
  • False information. 

Corporate fraud is very common and also very diverse.

Insurance Fraud

An employee or visitor claims to have been injured on the premises of your company. They press for litigation and significant sums of money arise. Surveillance provides objective evidence to prove or disprove the disability. The fact that it is a highly visible and obvious form of evidence means that it can puncture a prosecution case at a stroke.

You may suspect that your partner is not being faithful to you. 007 Detectives,Private Investigators deliver the photo and video evidence in a way which cannot be denied.

  • Civil Responsibility
  • Merchandise Disappearance
  • Damage Claims
  • Fires, robberies and looting
  • Injury
  • Labor Incapacity
  • Profit from Unemployment
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Simulated Accidents (motor vehicle)
  • Bodily and Material Injury
  • Medical Malpractic
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