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Detective agencies in chennai

Domestic & International Surveillance

All work is conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality

  • if she is an honest woman or if she has an other man,
  • her lovers,
  • friends,
  • good and bad  habits,
  • the style of living,
  • children, other relatives,
  • her (his) meetings, contacts,
  • conditions in her house,
  • Work, studying,
  • Night life, etc.


007 Detectives, Private Investigator -  has successfully provided surveillance service for over 21 years with the primary goal of discretion. Surveillance requires numerous tactics, which we find best, suited to different gender investigators. Although technology has advanced certain procedures considerably, specifically trained staff members handle assignments. Let a specialist give you the answers you are entitled to know if you have any doubts about a spouse or friend’s daily activity

We refer to this as a Win/Win situation. If the person is doing what you suspect, then you are confirming your suspicions. However, if your suspicions are unfounded, you will find a sense of relief. Either way, you win. You find out what you need to know.

There is a very thin line between following an individual and stalking. You can not just follow someone on a continued basis, even if your reasons seem justified. That is against the law! It is called stalking. So please keep this in mind if you decide to follow someone. A licensed detective can follow someone to gather evidence. However, a private detective also has his guidelines to follow under the Private Detectives Act.

  • Statements from claimants
  •   Locating Witnesses
  •   Tracing beneficiaries
  •   Employee interviews
  •   Pre-employment screening
  •   Surveillance
  •   Video Evidence
  •   Photographic Evidence
  •   Asset Searching & Tracing

Another area in demand is our continuing work in the field of "private investigation". Many of our satisfied clients worldwide have enlisted the services of Vee Cee Detective Agency.

Much of our work has involved investigations into:

  • Teenage drug abuse and activity
  •   Matrimonial and spouse activity
  •   Pre-marital integrity investigations
  •   Video Evidence
  •   Hidden & Concealed Cameras
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