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Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial investigations: 007 Detectives, Private Investigators have in the past followed erring spouses and partners down motorways (often at speed!) to clandestine rendezvous at hotels and guest houses. Although video and photograph records aren't easy, routinely we do them when required. The usual final product for such cases is a sworn Affidavit usually with exhibits (evidence linked to the statement) that is acceptable in Court. Perhaps you won't be surprised to learn that we've followed people into night clubs too.

Cohabitation: This is usually critically relevant to the level of maintenance payments. Cohabitation is also a very tricky subject because this term relates to a legal ‘grey area’. We have received grateful thanks from men whose ex-wives were both claiming to be living alone & unsupported but also sharing their lives, houses & possessions with new partners. Our mission in such cases is to record the observed facts truthfully and as completely as is possible for a reasonable budget, assembling a case that is reasonable, cogent and compelling.

We care about your cases because these become our cases too; our prime professional concern. Frankly, nothing else matters except getting the evidence required. Having said that, we don't do dishonesty or embellishment in any way. 007 Detectives, Private Investigators only cares about bald simple observed facts and the truth. india

Above all, we are CAREFUL not to be compromised. Being invisible is what we do well. (We don't discuss how we achieve invisibility with anyone; not even TV companies and press media).

Pre-marital or pre-relationship lifestyle checks: Peace-of-mind background checks relating to possible long term business or personal partners. Is he in fact a football hooligan on the quiet? Does she have any nasty friends? chennai

Family cases: Families may not want their affairs dealt with by the police because this is too public. The alternative is to expose goings on and to confront them in quieter ways. We can help you uncover the facts.

  • Complete activity checks
  • About family
  • Designation at work
  • Documenting the income
  • Assets and debts checks
  • Report about mental psyche
  • He/she is a spendthrift
  • Decision taking capacity
  • Sibling’s family checks
  • Criminal history
  • Work place reputation checks
  • Monitoring his/her mobile calls
  • Personal taste and lifestyle checks
  • If he/she married earlier and registered
  • Any past love or illegal contacts checks
  • From where it’s started and how long it’s continuing
  • Capturing video, photos, voice evidence for legal part

Report about mental psyche
We are confident in our capabilities
Why do you think your partner is being unfaithful ?

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